Irene Andriopoulou, is a media researcher and policy analyst with an expertise on media literacy for 20 years. She has vast experience on media public policies on an international framework. On a global scale, she has been working closely with UNESCO as media expert and advocate, drafting policy papers and publications, such as UNESCO “Media and Information Literacy Curriculum for Teachers” (Gr. Eds, 2014), adopted by the Hellenic Ministry of Education, as Open Education Resource. In 2019, she was elected as global co-Secretary General of the International Steering Committee for UNESCO Media & Information Literacy Alliance, for a 3-year service. She was also appointed as expert at the EC Expert Group on Tackling Disinformation and Promoting Digital Literacy through Education and Training (2021-2022) and formerly served as member of EC Media Literacy Expert Group (2006-2018). She works with a global leading network on media stakeholders and researchers, such as NORDICOM, Sweden and OFCOM Making Sense of Media Research WG, UK. From 2018-2022, she worked at EKOME, the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication in Greece, as Head of Research, Studies and Education Department, where she coordinated national, EU and global media and information literacy policies. She founded and coordinated the EU Sub Chapter Mediterranean Group of UNESCO MIL Alliance as well as co-founded the National Network on Media Literacy, by the Hellenic Ministry of Education. From 2004-2011, she was Head of Media Literacy Dpt, at the Hellenic Audiovisual Institute.

Irene has extensive public speaking and writing experience on evidence – based research, through active presence in international conferences, working groups, scientific presentations and authorship on issues related to: media and cultural policies, digital literacy and AI, EU media regulation (AVMSD), digital citizenship, social studies, advertising. She is the Greek co-author with Art Silverblatt of “Media Literacy: Keys to Interpreting Media Messages” (DIMLE, 2016). Her most recent authoring work can be found in” The Routledge Handbook of Media Education Futures Post-Pandemic” (2022), in the article “Media Literacy in Greece During the Covid-19 Pandemic” (Andriopoulou, Panagiotou). Currently, she is positioned at Secretariat General for Media & Communication, Presidency of the Government, Media Directorate as media expert.

She holds a BA on Communication & Mass Media from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, an MA in Media Studies from Sussex University, and is PhD candidate at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Journalism and Media Studies on media literacy policies.

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