Georgios Manalis is an economist, specializing in macroeconomic analysis and quantitative methods. His research studies the impact of institutional policy changes on the economy of developing countries, as well as issues pertaining to the political economy of the Euro area. His work has been presented in international conferences (e.g., CEPR-STEG-2021, GLAD conference-2021, EERN Conference-2020), as well as received research awards (7th Giorgio Rota Best Paper Award – 2019, Best paper at Warsaw International Economic Meeting 2019, Shortlisted for LAGV Prize (ASSET 2019)). He has worked as a special research scientist in the department of economics of the University of Cyprus and as an economic analyst at the research department of National Bank of Greece (internship position).

Georgios concluded his doctorate studies at the European University Institute and his post-graduate studies at the London School of Economics and Athens University of Economics and Business.

He was A.G. Leventis Research Chair Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2021-2022).