View the respective article, entitled ‘Doubts grow over EU deal as debt costs stay high’ and published in ‘Kathimerini’, on April 6th 2010, including quotes by ELIAMEP Researcher, Prof. George Pagoulatos. Also view the article, entitled ‘Greece still in hot water despite rescue plan’ and published by ‘Associated Press’, on April 7th 2010.

See below: (…) George Pagoulatos, a professor at Athens Economic University, countered that Athens is already making the deep structural changes needed to recover and must hold its nerve to see them through. “This is a difficult transition period and obviously there is nervousness. Two or three months ago the country’s credibility was in shambles. So one cannot expect an improvement to occur from one day to the next,” he said. “But the government is moving fast in implementing reforms … and at the end of the day, Greece will have a have better economy and have a far better organized state system,” Pagoulatos said. “I don’t think that (market) hiccups change the broader picture … It’s clear the adjustment is on track, so down the road the results of this effort will be seen in the bond spreads.” (…)