“Security challenges should be examined within their proper boundaries and developed within their specific context. There is no way to achieve total security, nor is it likely that someone else will step in to solve the problems plaguing us. Therefore, there are boundaries when it comes to the interventions of allies, friends, foreign powers, alliances which we belong to. These could, potentially, not have yet succeeded in finding their own independent voice in the security field and therefore, boundaries are necessary and specific when it comes to intervention, when this is chosen as the course of action, and in any case they should at least be useful. Hence, for the one dealing with a problem, the goal is to find a way to ‘pull the strings’ in a way that counteracts their main threat,” explained Panayotis Tsakonas, ELIAMEP Senior Research Fellow and Head of ELIAMEP’s Security Programme in his interview with radio station ‘Thema 104,6″.