To mark the publication of the first Media Observatory Report (MORE) of the ALGREE project, Alexandra Voudouri was interviewed for the Albanian national public broadcaster’s news portal ( and commented on the role the Greek and Albanian media play in the two countries’ political and social relations.

She explained how the idea for the Media Observatory and the ALGREE project came about, how the media in Greece and Albania have thus far failed to meet the political and social need for good relations between both countries, despite constant improvements on the ground, and how journalists can make a difference when reporting on bilateral relations.

In particular, turning to the recent railway accident in Greece, she emphasized that the nationality of the people involved in the tragedy was not reported in the media. “In an event as tragic as the railway accident was for the Greek people, the fact that the victims – most of whom were young people – were not separated into ‘us’ and ‘them’ is quite a positive sign in itself,” she noted. She also talked about the positive impact of Edi Rama’s art exhibition in Athens and its coverage by the Greek media.

The interview was undertaken to raise awareness of the ALGREE project – “Albania-Greece: Understanding. Connecting. Partnering”. You can read the interview here, in Albanian.