Herman Van Rompuy, President Emeritus of the European Council and Professor Loukas Tsoukalis, President of ELIAMEP had a conversation on the State of the EU and the challenges lying ahead in the margins of the 15th European Seminar of ELIAMEP.

As Herman Van Rompuy mentioned: “The degree of support for EU membership is the highest in 27 years. But we also have to acknowledge that we are not drawing all the conclusions from this strong support. I think a lot of people know that in order to solve the big issues of our time: migration, competitiveness of the European economy vis- à vis China and the US, terrorism, climate change, we need more Europe. But we see that the need is not translated in policies. So leadership is absolutely needed. And this leadership has to come from EU institutions”.

You may find the conversation between Herman Van Rompuy and Loukas Tsoukalis in our YouTube Channel (EliamepOfficial), here.