“A recent and conclusive study conducted by Kadir Has University on how the Turkish public perceives Turkish foreign policy showed a mixed attitude, certain aspects of which are a source of optimism, while others do not inspire confidence for improved Greco-Tukish relations,” writes Athanasios Manis in his article for digital news outlet “capital.gr”. According to the study, “a positive point is certain public opinion stances when it comes to Turkish foreign policy. More specifically, when it comes to the issue deemed most important, Greco-Turkish tensions due to energy matters in the Eastern Mediterranean rank low, gathering only 3,4% of all 2020 responses (2,6% in 2019). Furthermore, there is a significant drop in the percentage of those supporting the presence of the Turkish army abroad, or the creation of military bases outside Turkey. The percentage dropped from 49,6% in 2019 to 36,6% in 2020, while the percentage of those supporting cross-border interventions in the name of combating terrorism has dropped from 51,4% to 41,2% and the percentage of those that do not support such interventions at all climbed from 32,2% to 35,8%.



You can read the article in Greek here.