Talking to Athina Korlira & Alexandra Voudouri the day after the elections in Albania in an interview for Athina 9,84 FM,  Ioannis Armakolas stressed that: “The crucial thing for the next day of the elections is whether there will be a consensus on accepting the result. And, given the enormous problems of the last four years, whether all the parties will participate in the next parliament, no matter if the Socialists or the Democratic party wins. And whether Albania will have a responsible Opposition to help the country along the way to EU accession”.

He also analyzed why Sunday’s elections were a “crucial test” for Albania’s EU course, but also why Greece has every reason to support this process. He went on to explain the reforms that have already taken place in the country, whose continuation can only be guaranteed by accession talks with the EU.

You may listen to the interview in Greek here.