Ioannis Armakolas contributed to the special supplement on the recognition of Kosovo’s Independence that was published in the weekend edition of the Greek daily, TA NEA. Ioannis Armakolas notes in his piece that Greece’s policy on the issue of Kosovo is a case in point of its diplomatic “inertia”.

After refuting the usual arguments raised against Greece’s recognition of Kosovo, Armakolas stresses that: “An independent Kosovo is an irreversible political reality. A confident Greece could shape a policy of recognition of reality, in order to co-shape the future developments in the Balkans, in accordance with its interests.  Greece through the consolidation of Kosovo’s international status may also contribute decisively to the region’s integration into the western institutions, in the context of which it participates in the decision -making process together with its European partners. Or it could retain the policy of inertia, thus allowing Turkey and other powers to seize initiatives in the region as well as to exploit the conditions of the geopolitical instability that would be created by the West’s inability to control developments in the Balkans”.

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