The main representatives of national populism globally have proven to be the most inadequate in managing crises in their respective countries and this is no accident, writes ELIAMEP Director General George Pagoulatos in his article for the newspaper Kathimerini. Pagoulatos argues that globalization has brought a lot of good to our lives but also a number of dangers which we can only manage through close cooperation at a global level and only if we avoid blaming each other for what is happening to us, if we avoid any type of “Is China or Europe to blame?” narrative. As Pagoulatos writes, global flows have always carried risks, but this should not inspire isolation and introversion, as desired by nationalist and populist leaders. In times of great crisis, Pagoulatos points out, citizens turn to the state for protection, but only international coordination between global institutions and sovereign states can create a robust shield that will protect even the weakest among us.

You can find the article in Greek here.