In times of war, rising religious fanaticism and intolerance, this year’s International Holocaust Remembrance Day is more relevant than ever.

This year’s anniversary of the systematic ethnic cleansing of six million Jews and thousands of Roma and members of the LGBTI community finds many parts of the world experiencing the misery of war, racial, gender and religious discrimination.

Once again, the International Holocaust Remembrance Day reminds us of the need not to be complacent. Efforts for a better world must be intensified, making use of historical research, the awakening of public opinion and the education of the younger generation. This year’s Remembrance Day urges us to realise that today, basic moral values such as tolerance, a healthy exchange of ideological views, cultural and religious coexistence, freedom of expression, representative democracy, equal social opportunities and the precious commodity of peace remain key issues in many societies around the world.

This year, perhaps more than ever, the International Holocaust Remembrance Day comes to remind us how meaningful the short, but so comprehensive, phrase “Never Again” proves to be.