Ioannis Armakolas, Assistant Professor at the Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies, University of Macedonia and Head of the South-East Europe Programme at ELIAMEP, wrote an article for Greek newspaper “TA NEA”.

Dr. Armakolas explained the French veto on accession talks for Albania and North Macedonia at this month’s European Council and how this affects stability in the wider Balkan region.

“The main problem with Macron’s decision is that it undermines the very idea of integrating the Balkans into the European Union. This is in stark contrast to Greek interests and the aspirations of all Greek governments. It challenges the 2003 Agenda of Thessaloniki, one of the most important achievements of Greek diplomacy and a cornerstone of the EU Balkan policy,” argued Dr. Armakolas.

You can find the article in Greek here.