The new research of diaNEOsis entitled “30+1 Things Europe Can Do for Greece” written by: George Pagoulatos, Spyros Blavoukos, Thanos Dhokos, Giannis Papageorgiou and Dimitra Tsingou, was presented in a closed meeting with officers and senior researchers of Greek origin from the EU institutions and bodies and from think tanks. The discussed issues were related to:

(a) Economic Governance of the Eurozone, Economic and Structural Policies, Budget and Structural Funds, Employment, Training

(b) Sectoral Policies: Immigration, Common Agricultural Policy, Energy, Research and Innovation, Digital Single Market, Education, Social Security, Public Administration, Environment and Climate Change).

The meeting was held in Greek under Chatham house rules.

Coordinator: George Pagoulatos, Professor of European Politics and Economy, Athens University of Economics & Business, member of the Board of Directors of ELIAMEP and member of the advisory board at diaNEOsis


Spyros Balavoukos, Assistant Professor at the Athens University of Economics

Thanos Dokos, Director-General ELIAMEP

Giannis Papageorgiou, Journalist

Dimitra Tsingou, Political Scientist