The South-East Europe Programme (ELIAMEP) organized a national workshop between 19-20 of May in the context of the European Project “YouthEU: “Challenging Euroscepticism through Educating and Empowering Youth as European Citizens (YouthEU)”.

The workshop was held in English with 15 participants from 6 Greek cities and 9 universities. The overall goal of the workshop was for students -through several sessions- to analyze in depth the reasons that generate and empower Euroscepticism among the youth and come up with practical solutions in tackling the problem.  

During the first day of the workshop, George Pagoulatos, Director General of ELIAMEP and Professor of European Politics and Economy at the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), discussed with the students the EU’s Geopolitical Challenges. 

The first day concluded with a recap of the topics discussed during the webinars held between December 2021 – February 2022. Journalist, Alexandra Voudouri moderated a brainstorming session on the main thematics/reasons of Euroscepticism among youth. 

On the second day, the students were divided into three groups to discuss and propose specific policies/ proposals in countering Euroscepticism based on six thematics: Refugee/ Migrant crisis & Education, Human Rights Protection & Environment and Climate Change, External/ Geopolitical Challenges & Economy/ Energy Autonomy. 

Then, the students presented their proposals to Loukas Tsoukalis, President of ELIAMEP and Professor at the Paris School of International Affairs (Sciences Po). The workshop was concluded with a discussion between Professor Tsoukalis and the students on the European Union’s future.