On 7-8 March 2024 ELIAMEP organised a seminar on ‘Greek-Turkish Relations: Between Crisis and Détente?’, in the context of the ‘Research Programme on the Bilateral Relations between Greece and Turkey’.

In 2020, Greek-Turkish relations reached their lowest point in a quarter of a century since the escalation of the crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean challenged regional stability. Shortly after the centennial of the signature of the Treaty of Lausanne, and as both countries are working towards the consolidation of the current détente, this event brought together young journalists and opinion leaders from both countries to jointly participate in a series of five sessions exploring and discussing the complexities and nuances relating to journalistic practices around Greece and Turkey, and to take stock of the current situation, evaluate the risk of a relapse of the crisis, and explore paths to improve communication, conflict management, and resolution channels at the civil society level.

The programme is available here.

For further information on the issues discussed, you can listen to the podcast discussion between Ioannis N. Grigoriadis and Evangelos Areteos here.