The Network for Reform in Greece and Europe (DIKTIO) and the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) organized a Working Breakfast on: “Is Geopolitics trumping geoeconomics?”

Keynote speaker Pascal Lamy, Vice President, Paris Peace Forum, Brunswick Group; Coordinator, Jacques Delors Institutes (Paris, Berlin, Brussels); former Director General, World Trade Organization (WTO).

The central -to the relevant event- arguments traversed around corridors of thought connecting intricate points that eventually led to an upsurge of globalization. These were technology, ideology, and ‘power-games’. The first still impacts our global structure in its swift way from a dominant geoeconomic environment to a geopolitical one.  

While the discussion evolved, an affirmation that globalization still, as a factor, transforms the so-called global south took place. Whereas, it has to be mentioned that in the north openness has been removed as the driving force.  

Moreover, regarding the ‘power-game’ field, US and Chinese relations constitute the main structural -world order- backstage. There is a mutual essence of vulnerability between them. Thus, it bears the question what the cost of de-globalization is going to be. Is the alternative way of de-risking rather than de-coupling a preferable one? 

 A final note on Europe, it is an understanding that Africa -in the future- will impact Europe’s agenda and policy more than China and India will.