Ariane Condellis’ European Programme of the Hellenic Foundation For European Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) hosted an event on the topic “E-Democracy and Citizens’ Participation: A New Pathway of Civic Engagement?” on June 1st. The event is part of the program EPACE-EU (Enhancing Public Awareness and Civic Engagement in the EU).

In recent decades, there has been a noticeable decline in citizen participation in democratic processes, raising concerns about the legitimacy of democratic regimes. Given the persistent political apathy of citizens, it is critical to explore new and innovative approaches to strengthen civic engagement.

In an era of rapid technological development, new forms of digital governance and mechanisms to facilitate direct citizen participation are emerging. The utilization of digital tools, including digital social platforms and online voting, presents exciting prospects and opportunities for citizens to engage in policy-making.

In the event, 39 participants from various age groups, professional backgrounds, and education levels attended and engaged in lively discussions through structured dialogues on the future of democracy, the utilization of technological tools in the decision-making process, and methods to enhance and reinforce democratic and civic participation. Some of the questions that were addressed during the event included the following: How can the proficient utilization of digital platforms enhance citizens’ political participation in the EU? What are the main challenges associated with the implementation of e-Democracy projects? Can e-democracy establish a framework for productive and constructive debates?