Since 2000, ELIAMEP is the coordinator of the Marshall Memorial Fellowship programme in Greece. The MMF programme aims at creating a network of young European and American leaders in an attempt to strengthen the transatlantic relation. The GMF awards more than 100 Marshall Memorial Fellowships each year to leaders in politics, government, business, media, and the non-profit sector, who travel and explore people, societies and institutions at the other side of the Atlantic. During their visits, American and European Fellows meet formally and informally with a range of policymakers and prominent members of the business, government, political, NGO, and media communities.

Since the programme’s inception in 1982 more than 1,200 Fellows have participated, creating a diverse network of transatlanticists who remain engaged through annual conferences, meetings, online communications, and involvement in other GMF programme areas. American and European Fellows each visit five or six cities per trip. Each year, three groups of American Fellows visit 23 European cities, including Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Sofia, Athens, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Barcelona, Warsaw, and Turin. European Fellows’ itineraries take them to 30 American cities and towns, including Denver, Birmingham, Seattle, Chicago, Madison, Lincoln, Boise, Cleveland, Austin, and Washington, DC.

For further information, please visit the website of the German Marshall Fund of the United States or Ms Elizabeth Phocas.