Within the framework of the European program “Schools -Ambassadors of the European Parliament”, the 2nd Model General Lyceum of Athens and on the occasion of the screening of the award-winning film ” Quo vadis, Aida?” of Bosnian director, Jasmila Žbanić, invited Ioannis Armakolas to give students, teachers and their parents the historical and social background of the film, which refers to the Srebrenica massacre, in July 1995.

Following the screening of the film, Ioannis Armakolas spoke extensively about the event itself, the massacre of more than 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and adolescents by Bosnian Serb forces, which was also a turning point in the Bosnian civil war between Muslims, Serbs and Croats that lasted from 1992 to 1995, but also about the abandonment of the victims by the international community, as well as many other events of the inter-communal conflict.

As the Srebrenica massacre and the film are topical, due to the current crimes in the war in Ukraine, the discussion that followed extended to the situation that is taking shape after Russia’s invasion of a European sovereign state and its implications for Europe and the world.

More details about the event here (in Greek).