On the 20th of September, Dr. Mary Drosopoulos, Research Fellow at the South East Europe Programme participated as a speaker in a press conference organized by The Balkan Forum in Prishtina for the Kosovo-based media, on the occasion of the publication of the report entitled ‘Berlin Process: Overview of the progress by the six Western Balkans countries since London and Poznań Summits’.

The report, authored by Dr.Drosopoulos, is based on the findings of primary and secondary research conducted in both EU and WB6 countries. The specific project was appointed to Dr.Drosopoulos as an initiative of the Balkan Forum, on behalf of the Civil Society Platform for Democracy and Human Rights (CSP).

The publication is available here: https://thebalkanforum.org/en/berlin-process-overview-of-the-progress-by-the-six-western-balkans-countries-since-london-and-poznan-summits. The press conference, was broadcast live on the local media.