The 2nd Issue of Volume 13 of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies is now available online. It is a special issue focusing on migration, transnationalism and development in the South-East Europe and the Black Sea region, edited and introduced by Russell Kingab, Maja Povrzanović Frykmanc & Julie Vullnetari. Trasnational mobility is examined in a variety of context, including Eastern European migrants in Italy by Eralba Cela, Tineke Fokkema & Elena Ambrosetti, Moldovans abroad by Gabriela Tejada, Vitalie Varzari & Sergiu Porcescu and networks between Ukraine and Germany by Anna Amelina. Bruno Meeus looks into welfare through migrat work in the case of Romanians, Bojana Babić discusses the migration–development nexus in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bashkim Iseni contributes a piece on Albanian-speakers in Switzerland. Ivaylo Markov looks closely at patterns of remittances and social networks among Albanians from FYROM. Finally, two articles discuss the case of Greece: Domna Michail looks at social development and transnational households of Albanian immigrants in Greece during the economic crisis, and Jennifer Clarke examines migrant organisations in Greece in a comparative with the UK and the Netherlands.

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