Panagiota Manoli, Research Fellow, ELIAMEP, Athens and Assistant Professor, University of the Peloponnese contributes to the policy paper NATO looks south: priorities, strategies and instruments, by Eduard Soler i Lecha, Associate Senior Researcher, CIDOB (coordinator and editor).

The paper is the result of the collective reflection of participants in the workshop “NATO’s strategic concept and the challenges of Mediterranean security” held in Barcelona on June 30th and July 1st 2022. Among its policy proposals is that NATO could play a more constructive role on its southern flank by: 1) improving stabilisation and crisis management approaches and instruments; 2) finding ways to transform partners from security consumers to security providers; 3) enhancing NATO maritime capabilities and partnerships; 4) strengthening coordination and cooperation with the European Union (EU) and, when possible, with other regional organisations; 5) exploring common ground among NATO’s Mediterranean members; 6) increasing anticipation capacities, including by cultivating a more structured relationship with political, economic and social experts and research centres.