• The rapid development of technology in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution and artificial intelligence has “fundamentally” changed the functioning of states, infrastructures and above all the daily life of citizens.
  • Malicious use of technology has become a tool for criminals, but technology is also the greatest weapon for law enforcement agencies and states.
  • It is crucial to engage the private sector to raise awareness and educate both citizens and various professionals in new technologies and in the proper utilization of their capabilities.
  • Technology runs faster than the regulatory initiatives of the states, and on the other hand, in countries like Greece, there is a significant number of citizens, who are not fully familiar with the capabilities and the proper use of new technologies.
  • The period of the pandemic is the most important catalyst for the rapid increase in the use of the internet in our country.
  • 75% use the internet to access public services and mainly Gov Gr, a great victory of the state digitization process and 71% carry out banking transactions.
  • Although 84% say they face risks online, 67% of them take protection measures while browsing.
  • Only 11% of all respondents state that they have been a victim of criminal activity on the Internet. However, the situation changes radically for heavy users.

Read here the Policy brief by Triandafyllos Karatrantos, ELIAMEP Senior Research Fellow (in Greek).