Events of the last three years have breathed a new air of urgency in the EU regarding not only the management of irregular migration and asylum but also on the issue of maritime arrivals. Since the Arab Spring, the maritime borders are once more in the spotlight, receiving thousands of irregular arrivals annually coupled with an increase in loss of life at sea. This working paper authored by Dr Angeliki Dimitriadi discusses recent events and policies implemented by states in the Southern Mediterranean, aiming to achieve on the one hand an efficient border control and on the other a protection of migrants at sea.  The paper argues that there is still a long way to go towards balancing prevention and deterrence with protection; even more so, when the focus is on policies and regulations in place that seek to management a  multifaceted phenomenon solely from a security perspective.

Author: Dr Angeliki Dimitriadi

Working Paper 50/2014Managing the Maritime Borders of Europe: Protection through Deterrence and Prevention?