Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) contain a set of actions to address gender and other inequalities. They aim to promote gender mainstreaming in the internal functioning and across all activities of university and research institutions. This handbook is a practical guide for the preparation of Gender Equality Plans in universities and research organisations. It presents in a detailed way the process and methodology of developing an GEP in universities and research institutions, with many examples and with practical advice. It details the steps that a university or research institution should take in order to implement targeted actions to combat gender inequalities in higher education and scientific research. It follows a reflexive approach, according to which the involvement of the university and research community, and the continuous monitoring, adaptation and improvement of actions are essential conditions for the effectiveness of the GEPs.

This handbook is the fruit of the project “Tackling gender inequalities in research and higher education in Greece (GENDRHED)” (2022-2023). The GENDRHED project started in March 2022 and is implemented by the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), with funding from the Active citizens fund of the European Economic Area countries (EEA Grants). It aims to support universities and research centres in Greece to address gender inequalities within their own institutions. Through training actions for their academic, research and administrative staff, it seeks to enhance their knowledge and capacity to implement tailored gender equality plans (GEPs). The Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) was the first research institute in Greece to formulate a comprehensive gender equality plan in 2018.

You can download the file here (in Greek).

For more information, please contact Dia Anagnostou, Senior Research Fellow, ELIAMEP.