• The communication dimension has always been a part of war conflicts.
  • The war in Ukraine is the first of these characteristics to be fought in the era of new technologies and Social Media.
  • The EU, NATO and the USA they are still looking for the right tools to deal with Russia’s hybrid attacks, mainly through strategic communication.
  • The new war conflict in the Middle East, as a consequence of Israel’s legitimate self-defense, also has a parallel battlefield, that of communication.
  • There are three issues closely related to the communications war: a) the attempt to delegitimize Israel’s right to legitimate self-defense, b) the strengthening of radicalization and anti-Semitism, and c) the transfer of attacks to the West.
  • In addition to those directly involved -Israel and Hamas- there are also various other state and non-state actors that will be directly and indirectly involved in the communication field.
  • It is critical that the media emphasize responsible information and not engage in a competition for the unrehearsed news.

Read here (in Greek) the Policy brief by Triantafyllos Karatrantos, Senior Research Fellow of ELIAMEP.