The newest issue of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies is now available online. This issue includes a diverse selection of articles addressing the full region of Southeast Europe and the Black Sea. Bilge Yabanci contributed a piece on the (Il)legitimacy of EU state building: local support and contention in Kosovo, even more relevant given Britain’s EU Referendum and ongoing uncertainty about the future of the EU in supporting state building efforts. In a similar vein, Agnieszka K. Cianciara examined ‘Europeanization’ as a legitimation strategy of political parties: the cases of Ukraine and Georgia. Also EU- related, Cristian Nitoiu analysed EU-Russia Relations in light of the Ukraine crisis. The issue also includes Marija Milenkovska & Frosina Taševska Remenski discussing FYROM after the 2001 conflict, especially relevant due to ongoing political unrest and uncertainty. Angeliki Andrea Kanavou addresses another ongoing conflict by examining Cyprus through the lens of ambiguity theory. Finally, James Meernik, Nenad Golcevski, Melissa McKay, Ayal Feinberg, Kimi King & Roman Krastev write on truth, justice, and education, and reconciliation in the former Yugoslavia. The issue also includes two book reviews, the first by Dimitris Sotiropoulos on Children of the dictatorship: student resistance, cultural politics, and the ‘long 1960s’ in Greece and the second by Evanthis Hatzivassiliou on Periphery of contact zone? The NATO flanks 1961 to 2013.

View more here: Southeast European and Black Sea Studies Vol. 16/2016, Issue 3