Southeast European and Black Sea Studies’ fourth issue of 2015 is now available online. In includes a special section inspired by the 20th Anniversary of the Dayton Accords, which ended the war in Bosnia in 1995. The section is entitled ‘Dayton at twenty: towards new politics in Bosnia-Herzegovina’ and is edited by Andrew Gilbert & Jasmin Mujanović, who provide an introducion to the section. Contributors to the special section include Asim Mujkić on democratic counter-power, Larisa Kurtović on the 2014 Bosnian Uprising, Eric Gordy on the role of the Annex 4 Constitution and Danijela Majstorović, Zoran Vučkovac & Anđela Pepić on Europeanisation discourse.

The newest issue also includes a number of other timely pieces, including analysis of the Common European Asylum System in Bulgaria by Nevena Nancheva, Islam in the post-Communist Balkans by Arolda Elbasani & Olivier Roy, and religiosity and tolerance in Turkey by Nazlı Çağın BilgiliElvin Gjevori contributes a piece on military reform in Albania, Behlül Özkan writes on Cyprus in Turkish foreign policy, and Esra Cuhadar, Orkun Genco Genc & Andreas Kotelis look at Greek-Turkish conflict resolution. Finally, the issue also includes discussion of institutional change in Ukraine by Ryhor Nizhnikau and an institutional approach to informal economy by Colin C. Williams & Ioana A. Horodnic.

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