The third issue of 2015 of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies includes a special section entitled ‘Localising moralities: power and temporality in Southeastern Europe,’ guest edited by Jelena Tošić and Sabine Strasser.Their introduction is available here, and the section includes contributions from Ståle Knudsen on international capital, charitable giving and the politics of education in Turkey and from Rozita Dimova on transgressing law and morality. Jelenic Tošić also contributes an article on vernacular mobility and and genealogies of urbanity in the Albanian city of Shkodra. The third issue also includes original articles by Osman Sabri Kiratli on European integration policy in Turkey, Gul M. Kurtoglu Eskisar & Aysegul Komsuoglu on the transformative power of EU reforms in tackling corruption in the Balkans, and Çiğdem Kentmen-Çin on protest participation in Turkey, compared with EU patterns. Anton Oleinik also contributes an article on the ‘value of freedom’ in the Ukranian context, Nicoleta Maria Ienciu & Ionel-Alin Ienciu write on brain drain in Central and Eastern Europe, and Mihaela Grubišić Šeba analyses transport infrastructure in Croatia in terms of public/private partnerships.

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