Policy Paper titled: “Pan-European Parties – Who Are They, What Do They Want and Can They Win Elections?” has been published by the Mercator European Dialogue.

This paper looks at the cases of DiEM25/European Spring, VOLT, and En Marche/ALDE. In particular, partly based on interviews with members of pan-European parties and movements, it considers the seeming paradox of their emergence at the same time as there is a nationalist trend in Europe and investigates what impact they could have on Europe’s ailing democracy. The paper looks at why they are relevant, how are they organized, what political agenda are they pursuing, and what electoral strategy could see them win seats this year and in future elections despite their obvious disadvantages vis-à-vis their established competitors.

The authors of the paper are: Caspar Kolster and Henrik von Homeyer.

You may find the full text of the Policy Paper, here.