• Violence poses a threat to social cohesion, impacts on our ability to adapt psychosocially to our environments, and relates, too, to emotional, cultural and political aspects of human experience.
  • Violence has a social and financial impact on those countries that are plagued by it.
  • Any thorough study of violence must first collect and analyze data that helps us make sense of marginalized communities.
  • The Covid-19 crisis has shed light on what we call a “culture of violence”.
  • Research is needed into structural changes with the potential to influence the evolution, form, intensity and frequency of violence today.
  • There is a need for EXIT from violence programs to be drawn up (Disengagement, De-radicalization, Rehabilitation).

You may read here (in Greek) the Policy Paper by Triandafyllos Karatrantos, ELIAMEP Research Fellow and Despoina Limniotaki, Social psychologist, Co-founder of Healing Tree Community for Mental Health.