The issue of administrative reforms, particularly with a view to promoting decentralisation and bolstering local government, has been a regular topic of public debate in recent years. That administrative reforms are necessary is now taken as given at the political and administrative level as well as in academia, but opinions and proposals are divided and it is not clear how they can be combined to enable our political-administrative system to undertake a political/ legal /organizational initiative which is acceptable to all.

The Hellenic Agency for Local Development & Local Government (EETAA) and the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) have co-published he study The Technique of Reform through the Historical Evolution of Administrative Reforms in the Sphere of Decentralization and Local Government in Greece“. The study’s main aim was to evaluate and condense the experience of administrative reforms in the sphere of Decentralisation and Local Government in post-dictatorship Greece (1975–2020), thereby enabling this experience to inform the next major shake-up in Greek public administration.

The study was researched by Rallis Gekas, Yannis Goupios and Dimitra Koutsouri. It was edited by Panagiotis Maistros.

Read a summary of the study’s proposals here and the abstract here.

The full study (in Greek) is available here.