This essay by Dr George Tzogopoulos, Research Fellow of ELIAMEP, outlines the course of Greek-American relations from 2015 onwards. It argues that Athens and Washington DC have entered a period of strong cooperation that can be further consolidated in 2020, following the scheduled meeting on 7 January 2020 between President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Defense, energy and trade are main focal points. The agenda includes the need to create a new security environment in the Mediterranean – with Greece playing a key role.

  • The excellent status of Greek-American relations creates new opportunities for closer bilateral cooperation on defense, energy and trade.
  • The region of Northern Greece becomes of gradually higher significance for the US
  • US foreign policy towards Greece reflects its interest in restraining Russian influence
  • While anti-Americanism in Greece is declining, there is widespread concern in the domestic public debate on whether the US will support Greece in the case of a crisis with Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean
  • US support to the trilateral cooperation of Greece-Israel-Cyprus will be boosted by the Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act
  • The US-Greece Strategic Dialogue and NATO Mediterranean Dialogue are useful instruments for strengthening Greece’s role in the South, contributing towards a new security architecture

You may find the Policy Brief here.