The main issues highlighted in the report of IRMA research programme are the role of asylum as primary reason for migration, and the importance of capital as the main parameter of successful migration. The smuggler is the key actor underscoring all discussions, holding multiple roles; from facilitator of mobility, to source of information, or disruptor to the migratory project. The choice of destination and the limited information informants actually have, are discussed, as well as the role of Turkey as a hub for collection of information, but mostly of money to continue the journey. The border crossing for both entry and exit is discussed in relation to policies in Greece and particular border fencing and increased deterrence of entry. Finally, the text highlights the issue of detention, as the key policy in place at the time of writing that appears to have  impacted heavily both the migratory route but also the decision of Afghans to leave Greece, either via transit (where possible) or via return to Afghanistan.

Author: Angeliki Dimitriadi

Case study: “Greece is like a door, you go through it to get to Europe”: Understanding Afghan migration to Europe