The project “Research and preparation of a report aimed at shaping policies in the Mediterranean Basin to improve the territorial governance of the European INTERREG MED Program for the programming period 2021-2027, in the framework of the PANORAMED-INTERREG MED” has the objective to elaborate a “roadmap” for the improvement of territorial governance in the Mediterranean and specifically in the INTERREG MED Program.

The research analysis carried out jointly by ELIAMEP and the University of Thessaly focused on the cooperation among actors in the MED areas as a prerequisite for an effective governance system, explored the potential role of the Interreg MED programme as an enabler of the improvement of the governance system, and formulated recommendations for the consolidation and monitoring of the new governance system with the view to track the progress made with regards to cooperation governance in the region, taking stock of the lessons learned and use the findings while planning and implementing the forthcoming MED policies.

The final deliverable of the project is the MED Positioning Paper, which identifies the main enabling factors and barriers to the establishment of the Mediterranean Cooperation Governance System (MCGS); the main achievements towards this direction in the framework of PANORAMED and beyond; the views of different stakeholders active in the cooperation in the area and the capacities of actors to strengthen the cooperation in the MED area further.

The MED Positioning Paper was coordinated by the Region of Crete and elaborated jointly by ELIAMEP and the University of Thessaly.

You may read the MED Positioning Paper here.

More information is also available here.


  • George Petrakos
  • Alekos Kritikos
  • Spyros Niavis
  • Athina Markantoni
  • Vasiliki Vorropoulou