ELIAMEP participates as a partner in the project “Challenging Euroscepticism through Educating and Empowering Youth as European Citizens (YouthEU)”. The project aims to address the sources of Euroscepticism among youth in the most Eurosceptic societies in the EU and among the candidates for the EU accession. During the implementation period, the project will provide an opportunity for experts and policymakers to gain insight into the attitudes of young people towards the EU and European integration while creating a platform for the youth with different views on the EU to learn about the European project and to exchange views. The project will approach educating and empowering youth on the European project and their role as European citizens through webinars, workshops, and engagement with EU stakeholders in Brussels. Furthermore, during the implementation of the project four policy papers aiming at tackling Euroscepticism will be written by experts on various European policies. In order to empower young people with tools to counter Eurosceptic narratives among their peers in their countries, a handbook with practical examples and strategies will be created.

For more information about the project, implementation and its activities visit the dedicated website.