The Re-FORM project aims to assess the degree to which the Covid-19 pandemic, and the EU policy responses to it, particularly the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) and deriving National Recovery and Resilience Plans (NRRPs), might accelerate structural reform processes of domestic Public Administrations (PAs) and alter hitherto dominant PA reform paradigms.

Through a mixed-method design, relying on comparative case study, elite interviews and survey experiment methods, the research will focus on two countries that are characterised by similar PA traditions and weaknesses: Greece and Italy. The research is yet expected to deliver conclusions whose relevance goes beyond the two cases examined and open the path for further research covering other countries, including Central and Eastern European countries, that share similar problems in terms of institutional quality and administrative capacity.

The Re-FORM project, led by Dr Laura Polverari, Associate Professor of Political Science, receives funding from the University of Padova. ELIAMEP acts as the Greek partner, while the team responsible for the Greek case study is composed of Dr Stella Ladi, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Public Management at Panteion University and Queen Mary University of London (team leader), ELIAMEP Research Fellow; Dr Angelos Angelou, Visiting Fellow at the LSE’s European Institute and Academic Fellow at the University of Piraeus and Dr Dimitra Panagiotatou, Teaching Fellow at the Hellenic Open University.