The aim of this project is to inform and raise the awareness of the public in Greece about the history and the evolution of NATO during the 70 years of its history and the importance of the organization today and to present realistic scenarios about the future and the need for NATO’s transformation and adaptation to the new security environment. 

Specifically the objectives are the following: 

  1. Increase awareness and understanding of NATO and its role in global security, with a special focus in Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and Greece;  
  2. Promote a holistic understanding about NATO’s historic achievements as the defensive Alliance of the Euro- Atlantic world; 
  3. Increase the confidence and knowledge of Greek citizens about the role of NATO as a security provider from multiple threats and about its importance today;  
  4. Connect global and human security in a constructive way and present NATO as the security provider not only for its member- states but also for individuals;  
  5. Prepare a number of future scenarios about NATO’s role based in “what if” and “black swans” methodologies. 

To perform its aim the project will use both traditional (edited volumes, info- days and workshops) and new (elearning, social media campaigns, interactive debates, etc.) dissemination tools.