The ‘Issues that Matter: Greek and Turkish Dialogue Podcast Series’ aims to contribute to the better understanding between the Greek and Turkish public opinions on issues and themes that resonate with the global political agenda. The aim of the project is to focus on global issues, trends and challenges such as climate change, energy, women’s empowerment, start-ups and digitalization, which can have an impact on both countries and beyond. Rather than focusing on areas of Greek-Turkish “high politics,” this project aims to bring together experts, public opinion leaders, artists, influencers, and activists to think about and reflect together on issues concerning both countries but attracting less attention than they deserve.

The project will produce ten (10) podcast episodes (30 minutes each) between May and December 2022 with the assistance of PodFresh, to be broadcast via ELIAMEP, FNF and other relevant podcast channels with the aim to reach a wider international audience.

Project Coordinators: Eylem Yanardağoğlu and Ioannis N. Grigoriadis



Episode 1: Media Reactions to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Episode 2: Information Disorder and Fact-checking initiatives in Greece and Turkey

Episode 3: Taking Stock of the Greek-Turkish Population Exchange on its Centenary

Episode 4: Social Enterprises that deal with Sustainable Development issues in Greece and Turkey

Episode 5: Literary translations between Greek and Turkish and what we learn from them

Episode 6: Renewable Energy Policies of Greece and Turkey 

Episode 7: Food culture as a Bridge between Greece and Turkey

Episode 8: Start-up culture and Digital Media Innovation in Greece and Turkey

Episode 9: Climate Change: Perspectives from Greece and Turkey

Episode 10: Women’s Empowerment and Media in Greece and Turkey