Purpose of the Programme:

The cooperation between the research organisations ELIAMEP and diaNEOsis seeks to map the perceptions and attitudes of the peoples of Greece and Turkey about the bilateral relations between the two countries and to build long-term collaborations and synergies with young academics, entrepreneurs and students, as well as with those who, through their public discourse, contribute to the formation of public perceptions in Greece and Turkey, through initiatives and actions.

Primary subject:

The primary subject of the programme is the study of the tendencies of Greek and Turkish public opinion, regarding bilateral disputes and the image the one country has of the other.

Specific Objectives:

The Programme’s specific objectives are: a. the promotion of mutual understanding between the two peoples, b. the strengthening of constructive communication between Greek and Turkish journalists, analysts, young scientists, entrepreneurs and students, and c. the promotion of the logic of dialogue, diplomacy and consultation.

Actions and Initiatives:

To achieve these goals under the Programme a series of targeted actions will be carried out such as a. opinion polls, which will reflect public opinion trends, beliefs and moods both in Greece and Turkey, b. closed workshops, c. broader meetings to disseminate research findings to young people from both countries (summer schools), and d. the co-authoring of policy papers by Greek and Turkish experts.

During the programme’s implementation, the communication and dissemination of the program findings and conclusions will be maximized through regular dissemination and information initiatives for the representatives of national, regional and international media.

Research team: ELIAMEP- diaNEOsis

Principal Investigator: Prof. Ioannis N. Grigoriadis

Project Manager: Alexia Mitsikostas