Despite the major geopolitical-economic upheavals of recent decades, France remains one of the most powerful countries in the world, and retains its informal role as a laboratory for European social dynamics and intellectual trends. France is also renewing and deepening its strategic relationship with Greece. The two countries’ convergence on major issues relating to European sovereignty, defence policy, economic development, and Eurozone fiscal policy has further consolidated the already well-established friendship between the two societies. However, Greece only stays partially abreast of developments in France. Our experience of Greek-French friendship and reciprocity seems so self-evident that we take it for granted and rarely study it in depth.

The “France Group”/ will serve as a reception framework for the study of these academic fields, and the submission of proposals relating to specific policies, with a view to promoting research, but also to stimulating public dialogue and providing high-level information. In its pilot phase, the Program will focus on producing original analyses of the French public sphere, society and politics, as well as on drawing up its research proposals.


Panagis Panagiotopoulos, Assoc. Prof. Department of Political Science and Public Administration Athens University (Head of the Social Theory and Sociology Section), Senior Research Fellow ELIAMEP

The team:

– Dimitris Antoniou, Ph.D. in History and Culture EHESS

– Myrsini Gana, writer/translator

– Emmanuella Doussis, Professor Athens University, Senior Policy Advisor ELIAMEP

– Stefanos Kavallierakis, Ph.D. in History, University of Strasbourg

– George Karavokyris, Assistant Professor Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

– Nefeli Karaleka, MA in Southeast European Studies

– Giannis Koutsoukos, lawyer

– Christiana Konstantopoulou, Professor Panteion University

– Makis Malafekas, writer

– Nikolas Manitakis, Assistant Professor Athens University

– Gerasimos Moschonas, Professor Panteion University

– Christos Nikou, Senior Teaching Fellow University of Piraeus

– Kitty Xenaki, journalist Ta Nea

– Marilena Papadaki, post-doctoral researcher, Department of History and Archaeology, Athens University

– Despina Papadimitriou, Professor Panteion University

– Lamprini Rori, Assistant Professor Athens University

– Calliope Spanou, Professor Athens University, Senior Policy Advisor ELIAMEP

– Manto Spyropoulou, Ph.D. in Sociology of the Arts and Culture, University of Paris 3

– Nikolaos Tzimos, Ph.D. in Political Science and History, Panteion University

News & Media

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