General Description of the project “PANORAMED: GOVERNANCE PLATFORM – INTERREG MED”: The overall objective is to establish an innovative and permanent dialogue and decision making process among national and regional public authorities and stakeholders, to contribute to inform policies and decision making processes at national and transnational levels on common challenges and opportunities in the Mediterranean Region. In particular, the project will support the definition of transnational governance joint frameworks for the identification and implementation of shared approaches, policies and strategic projects. PANORAMED represents a tool that complements and contributes to other relevant Mediterranean initiatives, as well as to the public authorities responsible for managing the EU structural funds at national and regional levels.

According to the description of Work Package 7, the preparation of a report is foreseen with the aim of shaping policies in the Mediterranean Basin for the improvement of the territorial governance of the INTERREG MED Program for the programming period 2021-2027, in the framework of the PANORAMED-INTERREG MED project. In particular, the report will (i) investigate the current situation regarding territorial governance in the INTERREG MED European Territorial Cooperation Program, (ii) evaluate it, and (iii) formulate proposals to improve territorial governance and territorial cohesion, under the MED Program, the EU’s main objective in European Territorial Cooperation programs.

The project “Research and preparation of a report aimed at shaping policies in the Mediterranean Basin to improve the territorial governance of the European INTERREG MED Program for the programming period 2021-2027, in the framework of the PANORAMED-INTERREG MED” has the objective to elaborate a “guide” for the improvement of territorial governance in the Mediterranean and specifically in the INTERREG MED Program.

In order to achieve the above, ELIAMEP in cooperation with the University of Thessaly, will:

  1. Carry out the required data collection;
  2. Cooperate with EU institutions and mainly with the project’s Associated Partners, as well as other authorities in Greece and/or abroad to be indicated by the contracting authority, in order to complement the critical elements of the study-report;
  3. Conduct field research, if required, as well as interviews with staff members of the institutions that the CA will indicate;
  4. Take into account the reports produced under the PANORAMED INTERREG MED project by the working groups on Coastal and Maritime Tourism, Maritime Surveillance and Innovation, and will incorporate the policy recommendations to the report, where necessary;
  5. Cooperate with the contracting authority; and
  6. Present the Report at various stages of its preparation (e.g. preliminary draft, interim draft, final) to the (1) Consortium, (2) Managing Authority / Joint Secretariat, (3) Representatives of the Horizontal and Strategic Projects of the INTERREG MED program; and at (4) the “PANORAMED Dialogues” event to be held in November 2021.

ELIAMEP Project Team:

Alekos Kritikos

Athina Markantoni

Vasiliki Vorropoulou

Partner: University of Thessaly

Contracting Authority: Region of Crete