Sotiris Mousouris, a graduate of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens in Law and in Political and Economic Sciences, as Fulbright scholar he continued his studies in Boston obtaining  a doctoral degree from Harvard Business School. ( DBA 1967)

He joined the United Nations in New York as economist at the Centre for Development Planning , Projections and Policies, contributing to the  UN World Economic survey, dealing with international trade and serving as deputy of a team planning  a common market among 14 countries of  West Africa where he lived for a year.  Later he dealt for 7 years with the issue of multinational enterprises directing research and the preparation of a code of conduct at the UN Centre on Transnational Corporations.

In 1981 on a leave for one year from the UN he served as Vice President of the Hellenic Bank of Industrial Development in Athens.

As Assistant Secretary General ( 1982-1995) he directed Special Economic Assistance Programs, the Office serving the Economic and Social Council ( ECOSOC), world conferences and the coordination of the UN system, the Centre against Apartheid, Political Affairs and, before  he left the UN, was Personal Representative of the Secretary General for Afghanistan and Pakistan and Coordinator of Humanitarian Assistance ( i992-95).

Returning to Greece he was the first President and CEO of the Organization for the Construction of the New Museum of Acropolis, (1995-2000), member of the founding Board of the Open University of Greece, ad hoc Special Envoy and advisor of the Foreign Minister of Greece(1997-2003), Governor for Greece of the Asia-Europe Foundation ( 1998 to date) founder and President of the Hellenic-African Chamber of Commerce and Development  (1999 to date), Secretary General of the Marangopoulos Foundation on  Human Rights (1997 to date), Deputy and since 2016 President  of the  Athens Development and Governance Institute ( ADGI INERPOST) and member of the board of  entities dealing with cultural and international relations matters.

Author of “ Afghanistan… and suddenly the Taliban” ( in Greek 2019) and several chapters in books and articles on the United Nations and world political issues, human rights and on  economic development, social and cultural topics. He received honorary doctorates from the Aristotelian University of Thesaloniki and of the University of Peloponnese and he was bestowed by the President of South Africa in Pretoria in 2006 the Order of the Grand Companion of O R Tambo for his contribution in the struggle against apartheid and the development of Africa. In 2001 the President of the Hellenic Republic bestowed him the high award of Ioannis Kapodistrias.