Stefanos Gandolfo is a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Piraeus and a Visiting Scholar at the University of Oxford.

He began his studies at Yale University, graduating cum laude in Economics and Philosophy. He pursued his Master’s degree at Peking University in Chinese Philosophy (taught in Chinese) where he received the Outstanding International Student Award and the Exceptional Thesis Award. During his time in China, he worked for the Sinica Podcast, the leading podcast on contemporary Chinese affairs. He completed his PhD at the University of Oxford where his dissertation – awarded with no corrections – on the organization of knowledge in pre-modern China received an honorable distinction by the Royal Asiatic Society.

During his studies at Oxford he lectured and tutored Chinese history and culture to undergraduate students. He has published broadly on Chinese philosophy and culture and has extensive experience as a translator of contemporary Chinese thinkers. He is currently co-editor of a new series on Chinese culture published by Crete University Press.

In addition to Greek and English, he speaks Italian, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Japanese (high reading level) and has excellent knowledge of ancient Chinese.