Michael Myrianthis was born in Alexandria Egypt in 1946). He completed a B.Sc. in Physics at the University of Athens (1971) and a PhD in Engineering-Geology at Durham University, United Kingdom (1975). He has also participated in Kellogg’s Seminar of Management of Change, Oil Exploration School, Project Management (U.S.A, London, Athens).

Michael Myrianthis has served as Member of the Board of Directors in the following companies:

  • Hellenic Electric Railways SA (1979-80)
  • DEP-EKY Oil Exploration & Production SA (1992-93)
  • OKTA AD Rafinerjia, Skopje – Northern Macedonia, (2004-2010) as Chairman
  • ELPET- Balkanike SA and VARDAX SA (2004-2010) as Chairman
  • Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus Ltd (2005-2010) as Chairman
  • JPK AD (Jugo-Petrol), Kotor – Montenegro (2007-2010) as Chairman
  • Executive Member of the Board at Hellenic Petroleum S.A. Group of Companies (2004-2006)
  • Member of the Advisory Board Hellenic Petroleum International AG. Vienna, Austria, (2004- 2010)

He has also been Advisor and member of various NGOs, State Committees, etc.:

  • Hellenic Positions (1994-2000) as member of the Executive Committee.
  • ELIAMEP as Special Advisor (2003-today)
  • Hellenic Association of Energy Economists as Secretary-General (1995-2000)
  • National Delegate of the Hellenic Ministry of Energy to the EEC (1991-1993) and during the 4th Greek EU Presidency (2003)
  • Secretary of Ministerial Committee (1992-1993)
  • Expert Advisor, monitoring upstream oil activities in the EEC, Brussels (1983- 1985)
  • Expert Advisor (R&D in Oil Exploration and Production) in the EEC, Brussels (1984)
  • Executive Member of the Board, European Management Committee (EMCO) of the ODP project, Strasbourg (1985-1991)

Since 2011 following retirement he has been active as freelancer Energy Consultant and Analyst, with a focus on International energy, strategy, assessment of risks associated to M&A, oil & gas geopolitics and advisory in high level negotiations. He has appeared several times in Greek and foreign media (e.g., RAI, Al Jazeera, FT, Al-Ahram, etc.) as featured press, TV and radio commentator.