Konstantinos S. Maniatopoulos is a Business Consultant and in his long professional career has served as Director General of Energy of the European Commission, CEO of Petroleum Companies and Chairman or Member of numerous Boards of Directors of National or Private Organizations and Companies in Greece, of the International Energy Agency (IEA), of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), while he was Coordinator of the establishment procedures of the Energy Charter, Member of the Oxford Energy Club, of the “Club de Nice – Énergie et Géopolitique” and Advisor to PPC, DEPA, RAE, Ministry of Energy, etc.

He has been professionally active in the fields of energy, business organization and management, investment, international relations, etc., has participated in many international conferences, committees and meetings on European and energy issues in Greece and all European countries, in the Middle East, the Gulf countries, China, etc., while at the same time he had multiple scientific, trade union and political activities.

Konstantinos S. Maniatopoulos is a Production Engineer of the NTUA, with postgraduate studies in Operations Research, Business Administration, Economics and Statistics, in Athens and Paris.

He speaks Greek, French and English and was born in Patras in 1941.