Alexandros P. Mallias is a recipient of the Martin Luther King International Legacy Award. He served with 11 Governments and 15 Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

Ambassador of Greece to USA (2005-2009). Ambassador to Albania (1999-2000), first Greek Ambassador to North Macedonia (1995-1999), Head of the European Union Monitor Mission Office to Sofia (1994), Political Director for Balkan Affairs at the MFA (2000-2005), First Political Counselor at the Greek Mission to the U.N. Negotiator of the Paris Charter for a New Europe (Vienna and Paris, 1990), Chargé d’Affaires in Libya (1982-1984).

Guest – lecturer :

– Diploma in Negotiations , Athens University for Economics and Business

– Post -Graduate Course ”Security in the Mediterranean”( University of Peloponnese),

– New York College ( Athens )

Author of many articles and five books:

– «Ελλάδα και Βόρεια Μακεδονία-Αυτοψία της Συμφωνία των Πρεσπών» (Greece and North Macedonia – The Autopsy of the Prespes’ Accord), September 2018 , I. SIDERIS Publ.

– «Ελληνο-Aλβανικές Σχέσεις: Φυγή στο Μέλλον ή επιστροφή στο Παρελθόν» (Greek-Albanian Relations), (editor collective), December 2017 , I. SIDERIS publ.

– «Στον Αστερισμό του Προέδρου Τραμπ –Η Νέα Τουρκία και Εμείς» (In the constellation of President Donald Trump: The New Turkey and Greece), July 2017, I. SIDERIS publ.

– «Οράματα και Χίμαιρες – Διαδρομές ενός Διπλωμάτη» (“Visions and Chimera – a Diplomat’s Journey”), I. SIDERIS, 2016.

– «H Άλλη Κρίση- Η Μαρτυρία Ενός Πρέσβη» (“The Other Crisis-An Ambassador’s Account”), INFOGNOMON ,2013.