ELIAMEP recently organized the workshop “We need to talk! Mercator European Dialogue x Western Balkans”.

This exclusive activity, which took place on 6-7 December 2019 in Vienna, focused on sharing perspectives on the relations between countries of the Western Balkans and EU Member States while providing an informal space for sharing conversations under the Chatham House rule.

Together with experts, participants had the chance to hear first-hand about the concerns and expectations of their colleagues on the main challenges facing Europe and particularly enlargement efforts.

Dr. Ivan Vejvoda, Permanent Fellow, Institute for Human Sciences, presented the role of enlargement policy in European integration. Prof. Florian Bieber, Coordinator of BiEPAG and Professor of Southeast European History and Politics and Director of the Centre for Southeast European Studies at the University of Graz, presented Western Balkan perspectives. Dr. Corinna Stratulat, Senior Policy Analyst and the Head of the European Politics and Institutions Programme at the European Policy Centre (EPC), presented the EU Member States perspectives. Prof. Ioannis Armakolas, Senior Research Fellow at the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy and Assistant Professor in Comparative Politics of South East Europe at the Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies, University of Macedonia, identified key areas for change.

This exchange was initiated by network members Carmen Jeitler-Cincelli, from the Parliament of Austria and Ágnes Vadai, from the Parliament of Hungary.

You can find more information here.