In the fifth episode of ELIAMEP’s podcast, Achilleas Mitsos, Senior Policy Advisor at ELIAMEP, Professor at the University of the Aegean and former Director General for Research at the European Commission, talks to Odin Linardatou, Head of Communications at ELIAMEP, about his latest policy paper. His focus is on the European Recovery Fund and how it could be the leap towards a European fiscal union.

Achilleas Mitsos particularly notes that “the Fund’s conditionality is a good thing, if used as a way to manage it properly and no one can deny that. However, if the conditionality is used as a criterion to separate countries to those who judge and those being judged, I find that neocolonial, I find that wrong. It is a serious threat to the unity of the European Union.”

You can listen to the podcast in Greek on YouTube and soundcloud.

You can read the full policy paper in Greek here.