In his article for, Dimitris Katsikas explains why the debate on a more active European industrial policy has re-opened. Katsikas points out that the rapidity of digital transformation and the need to adapt to climate change are essentially forcing the EU to formulate a strategy that will strengthen European businesses and support them in this difficult transition to a new reality. Katsikas, Head of the Greek & European Economy Observatory at ELIAMEP, argues that changes in the realm of international economy will not be ephemeral and that the EU needs to formulate a new, complex industrial policy that responds to these changes. He cites the examples of China and the United States as countries that have considered this. The new industrial policy should be “a policy that will help the EU in the transition to a green and digital economy, but will simultaneously ensure a level playing field for European companies regarding competition,” proposes Dimitris Katsikas.

You can find the article in Greek here.